Top 10 Christmas decorations to sell on eBay

The finished ones can sell for $150 and up. eBay shows over 15,000 results in completed sold listings for Santa figurines.

5 Kitchen items to sell on eBay for big profit. Thrift stores often sell aluminum or cast iron cake pans for $1, so these can be a good flip. People will still buy them.

Nativity sets – Many sets are worth over $1,000 on eBay. The company was started back in 1984 when Christopher Radko’s 14 foot Christmas tree fell over, destroying most of their heirloom glass ornaments. The kits can sell for over $250 if discontinued or hard to find. These kits are often hiding in thrift stores or at estate sales in a sea of craft and sewing supplies.

Cake pans. Remember the fat Christmas tree light bulbs from the 1960s and 1970s? Those are good sellers. Seasoned sellers know that Christmas items sell well all year long. Look for ceramic, glass, music boxes, jewelry boxes, and snow globes. You will want to look these up on the eBay Mobile app when out shopping. Even the large plastic llight-up yard decor type Nativity scenes do well.

Bucilla stocking kits or completed stockings. Look for brands like Spode, Royal Copenhagen, Hummel, Lenox Colonial Christmas, or promotional items made by well-known companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or John Deere.

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Santa figurines. And after Christmas, consider buying unique lights on clearance at big box stores to sell throughout the year. Some to keep an eye out for are Lladro ceramic, Lenox china, Gorham crystal, Baccarat crystal, House of Hatten, Delft, Franklin Mint, and Hummel. Radko researched how to replicate the damaged ornaments and his designs became very popular with New York friends. Here is a list of 10 items to be on the look out for if you are an eBay seller. There can be big money hiding in garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores all year long.

Tree toppers. These are beautiful felt stockings embellished with sequins, beads, bells, or other items. Completed sold listings show over 6,500 Santa costumes sold in the last 90 days. Disney has partnered with some high-end designers to create gorgeous Christmas collectibles. eBay shows 385 completed sold listings for these in used condition. Or the old rotating color wheel light for white trees? Also look for the chunky light strands with toys, characters, or train cars. These sell all year in the category of Costumes, Reenactment, and Theater. Make sure to research since particular characters or themes can be discontinued or rare.

Dinnerware, mugs,and serving pieces. Pickers love finding these at garage sales in July for $20 and reselling on eBay at Christmastime for over $100.

Christopher Radko ornaments – Also known as “The King of Keepsake Ornaments” are glass-blown ornaments in an heirloom style. The well-known high-end collectibles dominate this category. Disney Christmas-themed items. Look for Nordic Ware, Wilton, Bundt, and vintage Griswold in Christmas or winter themes. Make sure they work before listing. Some collectors will buy Christmas items any time, and Christmas in July is a fun celebration worldwide. Also look for items like Mickey Mouse and Disney character nutcrackers, yard decor, ornaments, dinnerware, and stockings.

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Christmas decorations sell well on eBay, but not just during December.

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Santa Costumes. Santa figurines by Lladro, Lenox, Hummel, Fenton glass, Fitz and Floyd, and Duncan Royal are some top names to look for that will bring the highest prices. Consider selling in lots if you accumulate too many to list individually. The big name here is Bradford, whose lighted tree toppers can sell for $500 if in excellent vintage condition. Some Christopher Radko ornaments can go for hundreds of dollars on eBay, and sets for thousands.

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