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The player with the most points at the end of the pool period wins. If you pick the favorite and the favorite wins, you get 100 points. The game is entirely free to play and prizes are given out to eligible players. If the Yankees won, 100 points would be added to your total.. The pick ‘em style of play is great and rewards players for picking upsets by offering higher point payouts for underdogs without needing to understand the complexity of point spreads.

The Rules

Each game that you can pick has a favorite and an underdog based on the point spread. Players can create their own custom challenges and invite their friends or compete in public pools for prizes like Amazon gift cards, copies of Madden 2012, Best Buy gift cards, and eBay gift cards. My girlfriend got 2nd in an MLB challenge and won a $15 Amazon gift card. Within 24 hours, the owner of Sports Picker e-mailed her and asked for information like what state she lived in and her birthday to make sure that she was eligible for a prize. Simple as that!


Sports Picker is NOT a sports betting application. She received her gift card electronically later that day!

Similar to ESPN’s Streak for the Cash, Sports Picker is a great free way for sports fans to pick winners of NFL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, and MLB games and compete for prizes. The best part about the app is that it is entirely free to play!

You are not penalized for getting a pick wrong, so if you choose the Yankees (Favorite 100 points) to beat the Red Sox (underdog 150 points) and the Red Sox win, you would not lose any points. Players must be 18 or older to win prizes. There are several sponsored challenges running weekly that are open to anyone to compete in a free pick ‘em style pool and win prizes. This unique point system rewards players for taking risks and picking upsets (when they work out).

Sports Picker is a free app on Facebook and the iOS that is designed for sports fans to pick winners of games and compete against their friends for bragging rights and even some prizes. The underdog is valued at between 125 and 200 points if you pick an underdog correctly

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