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The players are exhibiting a freedom and style to their play which had been alarmingly truant during the ill-fated spell of Gerardo Martino. It’s the third time!

For a World Cup to exist in the memory long after the event and maybe even get a slot in a future BBC3 nostalgia show hosted by Olly Murs… Take that you c***.”

Maybe it’s because of the World Cup keeping everyone stimulated past their bed time (and who couldn’t see Tim Howard play and not be inspired?) but the silly season hasn’t really come round yet, with little of this week’s news being especially soft or frivolous.

Etiquette and modern manners expert Debbie Fiddlesticks was brought in by the Uruguayan President last week to try and persuade a discerning global community that biting is perfectly normal behaviour.

It seems crazy that a man in his position and with so much at stake, can so simply break the rules instilled into us all at nursery school to ‘be nice and don’t bite people’… It was, typically, something that happened off the pitch.

There has been a significant shortage of world class defenders making a living in the Premier League in recent years and quality full-backs are almost non-existent, hence Manchester United’s absurdly high fee paid for Luke Shaw, a lad with slightly more talent than many other left-backs in the country.

Barcelona may not be able to sign anyone until January 2016, but the youngsters have come into the side and shown why La Masia is so highly thought of. For all his teething problems and penchant for diving, you never hear the word “lazy” and “Luis Suarez” in the same sentence.

Andrew Easton

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Last season they came in under the radar, with very few people talking them up as title contenders until relatively late in the season. I f****** hit him hard. A move to Spain is one which Suarez has long hankered after, so maybe his action was less career suicide, more cunning strategy.

When Haaland and Keane met on the pitch in a Manchester derby in 2001, the Irishman lost the little cool he ever had. it’ll be those other moments which define its status as a great tournament.

Steve Towells

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This is a man who lives and plays on the edge, who will try to seek any competitive advantage for himself or his team. To quote his autobiography: “I’d waited long enough. When this desire degenerates into the ugly and often violent scenes that have littered Suarez’s impressive career, it becomes difficult to see the Uruguayan ever paralleling true modern greats such as Messi or Ronaldo.

Why did Luis Suarez sink his teeth into Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder? – Is he a victim of child-like impulsivity or could he be a vampire? Neither of these is the case, so let me review four possible reasons for his extraordinary behaviour.

Professor Ian Robertson

Author of The Winner Effect: The Neuroscience of Success and Failure, Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin and Visiting Professor at University College London

. the fact that it is so abhorrent to the majority of us shows us that he must be operating from some ‘other than normal level’ of functioning.

Phil Parker

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How important are character strengths such as self-control when it comes to winning football matches? Surely you wouldn’t risk being sent off for a nudge or an elbow, would you? Unless you couldn’t help yourself.

So the main issue then, is that biting is so bafflingly blatant, so far removed from the comprehensible vagaries of football, that this four month veto is really a punishment for outrageous stupidity. When they finally bashed the door down and sat atop the Premier League table, the players seemed to see everyone looking at them, panicked and promptly fell.

The Spanish giants announced his signing, subject to medical, yesterday, at a cost of around 75million. Enrique would have helped a number of the players’ development having managed Barcelona B between June 2008 and June 2011 and the team are now reaping the benefits.

Balotelli sounds like the perfect replacement for Suarez, but it’s his on-the-pitch attitude that will lead to him coming up short in replacing the Uruguayan in Scouse hearts… Much to City’s angst and trepidation, Barcelona have rediscovered that way of winning which makes racking off five or six goals on an afternoon’s work curiously insouciant.

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The most telling moment this season at Anfield wasn’t when he was dropped from the squad – registering just 34 minutes of football in 2015 at the time of writing – nor was it the time he was slammed by boss Brendan Rodgers for swapping shirts with Pepe at half-time. The ball was there (I think)

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