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I wonder when

Britney plays blackjack and wants another card if she tells the

Blackjack dealer “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” After all of

Britney’s kids I think she was hit again.

The 7-11 convenience stores in Las

Vegas are everywhere.

At night time the Palms Casino and

Resort is an absolutely gorgeous building. I did once when it was 108 degrees and the

soles on my shoes were soft from the hot asphalt and concrete

literally melting my shoe soles away.

In 2007 they replace most of the

Egyptian themed items and decorations. It is by the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

Slots-A-Fun Casino has many low limit table games including $1.00

blackjack. If you want a tattoo they have a shop inside.

Slots-A-Fun Casino

Gold Spike Hotel and Casino

The Palms Casino and Resort is a

favorite of Britney Spears when she visits Las Vegas. The appearance is drastically different,.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino has changed from an Egyptian theme to a

corporate owned casino filled with gimmicky adverting. What other gaming property in Las Vegas can

offer you a Slurpee? The fact that I can play video poker with bad

odds and drink blue colored Slurpee’s all day makes the 7-11

convenience stores an awesome Las Vegas gaming property.

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino has

some lower limit tables such as $2.00 Blackjack. If it is summertime and over 100 degrees I highly suggest you

do not walk the strip. The other

reason the Luxor Hotel and Casino is so cool is because of the huge

light beaming out from the top of the Luxor into space. The first is the shape of the

building. If the Aliens

ever come to play poker they will probably come to the Luxor Hotel

and Casino.

If you choose to stay at the Gold Spike

Hotel and Casino during you vacation to Las Vegas you will be well

rewarded with your choice of location. Angelica Bridges starred on Baywatch and is also a favorite

of Playboy readers. Many people now days consider the New York New

York Hotel and Casino to be slightly on the tacky side. You can also walk if you are not lazy. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino is really cool for two reasons. The

parking garage at the New York New York Hotel and Casino is my

favorite ride. The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino also has a

sports book inside called “Leroy’s Sports book”.

Luxor Hotel and Casino

Palms Casino and Resort

The New York New York Hotel and Casino

was considered a truly amazing architecture and styling casino when

it was first opened. The 7-11 stores are not considered a casino to

most people. Fremont Street. It is modeled after the gr

eat pyramids of Egypt. I disagree.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino is all of the fun of the real

New York but a lot cheaper. The rich and famous

come to the Palms Casino and Resort to be seen by the middle class

tourists. If you do want to see the Strip

you are a very short bus ride away. You can find $1.00 black jack or $1,000 black jack tables.

From the high rollers VIP areas in fancy Vegas Casinos to the smoky

keno rooms with ragged carpet. I assume the

inside of the Palms Casino and Resort is just as beautiful. I wish they would have kept

the Egyptian theme at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino of today appears much different then the magnificent building

that was originally there. On a Sunday when there are only a few cars in there

you can drive your car to the top. I love the

7-11 stores for gambling. (readers or lookers?) The show is adult oriented

so don’t take Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens with you.

Image Credit: (Flickr/ (Flickr/Chad Davis)


If you visit the Palms Casino and

Resort make sure your bring your camera so you can take a picture of

the Paparazzi who may be there outside snapping pictures of the rich

and famous when they arrive at the Palms Casino and Resort.

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino is

located in my favorite part of Las Vegas. Slots-A-Fun Casino is a fun place to gamble cheaply if you

go there during a slow time. Do not

attend the Slots-A-Fun Casino on a weekend or any other time the

place is busy. You may have seen the Palms Casino and Resort on

television. There are always exceptions and some great deals can be

found for the Las Vegas Strip hotels and casinos during non peak

The Palms Casino and Resort is where

the middle class come to see the rich and famous. During peak nights the Slots-A-Fun

Casino is packed with people wanting to play low limit games. You are right down by the

Fremont Light Show and all of the casinos and sites located in the

downtown area of historic Las Vegas. If it is

not a slow night then do not even bother to show up to the

Slots-A-Fun Casino.

While visiting the Luxor Hotel and

Casino make sure you get tickets to the show starring Angelica

Bridges. It is a popular spot for

amateur photographers to snap a world class picture. $3.00 Black Jack is the favorite game of

many people in Las Vegas. When the Slots-A-Fun Casino is empty of locals and

tourists then it is a very fun place to gamble in Las Vegas. They usually have some video gaming machines. Regardless of your budget you can find

somewhere fun and unique to gamble while visiting Las Vegas.. I have

never been inside the Palms Casino and Resort except for when I see

this Vegas Hotel on television.

New York New York Hotel and Casino


I am a huge fan of the downtown Vegas

properties but this strip property make my list. Just because you may want to

visit an expensive Las Vegas Casino that does not mean you have to

play there.

The Slots-A-Fun Casino is located on

The Las Vegas Strip. The roller coaster is fun…to watch. The Palms Casino and Resort has been the site of many TV

shows. When you are speeding up to the

top layer it looks and feels like you are flying of the edge of the

building onto the roller coaster.

Regardless of where you want to gamble

in Las Vegas you can always find something cool, tacky, common, rare,

expensive, cheap, or even dirt cheap. $2.00 Blackjack is

only available occasionally. At least they

have not changed the sweet shape f the pyramid.

There are many casinos in Las Vegas

Nevada. Downtown Las Vegas is much funner and generally cheaper then staying on the

Vegas Strip

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