Is LeBron James Better than Michael Jordan ever was?

You even stated earlier he just started to become a premier defender a few years ago, so who’s to say that LeBron won’t develop into a clutch shooter eventually. As he always seems to grow in different ways, and improves drastically. No, if memory serves me correctly, Del Harris had him benched because he wanted Kobe to improve drastically on his defense first before starting over Eddie Jones.

Whereas LeBron, he’s basically a poor guy from the streets of Akron. A guy that anointed king of basketball back when he was in high school, yet when he jumped straight from high school to the pros, everyone EVERYONE expected him to perform right away. Therefore, you can’t compare Kobe’s experience to LeBron, as Kobe obviously didn’t need college; since he was already trained by some of the NBA’s best as a child, and he was given an opportunity to grow rather than immediately produce right away.. I don’t care who you are, but that’s a lot of pressure. Now if Kobe didn’t have guys like Magic teach him, then perhaps you might have a point..

Very similar to how Jordan was viewed in his scouting report coming out of college; where scouts said he wasn’t great defensively and was inconsistent shooting. Has LeBron lived up to the hype since his rookie season? Well I would have to say yes to an extent. Well, that only fueled Michael into making those weaknesses into his main strengths.

Not that I’m comparing him to Michael Jordan, but in that sense, he does have a Jordan mentality. This year he definitely dropped off a bit, and he still has a long ways to go before fully reach his potential. Where he basically tries to make his weaknesses his strengths.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Kobe didn’t play that much when he first got into the league, nor was he expected to make an immediate impact. No, LeBron was expected to immediately perform during his first game. After his show “The Decision”, he may have immediately lost people like me as one of his fans, but I’ll still admit that I don’t care what anyone says, we’re not seeing the full potential of what he can do yet. He wasn’t given a cushy year or so like Kobe to develop on the bench. That would explain how Kobe learned how to be a cold blooded clutch player, as he was taught by Magic and possibly other hall of fame players too. Making some of his weaknesses into strength.

Well to be fair, you can’t compare Kobe to LeBron, as they both had different experiences growing up. I know kobe was the son of a famous aba player, Jelly bean Bryant, and it was reported by ESPN that he used to have guys like Magic Johnson come over to his house personally to teach him how to play basketball. Therefore, he didn’t need college, as he was already training as a kid with some of the best basketball minds out there, so there’s no comparison

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