Five key tips for betting quarter horses at Sam Houston Race Park

Think of it as a human track race with a non-staggered start.

3) Troubled trips are a much bigger deal for a quarter horse because the races are so short. There are exceptions, and times when the rail will be a benefit, but for the most part the horses on the outside have a slight edge. (For more general horse racing information, check out Acing Racing 2016 the audio book).

5) Finally, keep an eye on the wagering pools. People tend to focus on the most recent race, so one bad effort can help your odds.

2) The quality of racing at different tracks around the country is much different than with thoroughbreds. For quarter horses, the top track are significantly different. The shorter races and different types of races can often be confusing. Horses that run as 2-year-olds at Ruidoso in New Mexico tend to be facing the best in the country. Some bets offer way more value simply because they are ignored by the public. In the 870s, horses on the rail have a significant advantage because the race starts on the turn and they have a shorter distance to run. Do not be afraid to bet a horse that had that kind of trouble in its last race if the prior efforts were solid. But there are some positives to betting on quarter horses and by using a few of these tips, you can profit more consistently. If a horse gets soundly bumped, cut off or misses the start has no shot. Most notable, the daily double pools are often small but offer great value because the public tends to focus on only a couple horses.

1) The outside of the track in general is much more horse friendly. There are two specific exceptions: extremely short races (250 yards or less) and the rarely run 870 yard distance. Remington Park, Delta Downs (and the other Louisiana tracks) generally feature better quality horses than Retama Park and Lone Star Park. So give shippers from those tracks more consideration.

4) While favorites win at a higher percentage than with thoroughbreds, you can still make money in trifectas and related wagers because long shots have better chances to run second or third simply because of potential trouble for horses bet strongly and simply the nature of the race.. In T bred racing, horses that run at places like Saratoga, Keeneland or Santa Anita are in general facing the best of the best. Los Alamitos in California has the best all-around quarter horse racing. By using these tips along with sound handicapping, your night of quarter horse racing will be much more enjoyable and hopefully profitable.

The quarter horse meet is under way at Sam Houston Race Park, and it presents a different challenge for horse betting aficionados who are accustomed to thoroughbred racing

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