7 Best Spring Break Vacation Ideas for the Broke College Student

It’s just about getting some good friends together to get away from home and do some adventuring together. The beaches here are great and the weather is already warm in early spring so you can have that traditional beach vacation without having to go to Mexico. People who were planning to go to Mexico for Spring Break but who have been warned away are turning their sights towards the Bahamas. However, the economy is so tight that some college kids are thinking twice about whether or not they should be splurging on Spring Break travel.

Those aren’t the only options for the college student who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, of course. This means that the road trip is a great option for people who don’t have a lot of money and don’t really care too much what you’re doing together. You’ve got the warm water beaches that you’d get in Mexico but you’re still in the U.S. You’ll want to shop around for the best deals on airfare and hotels, limit your spending on drinking by doing most of it as pre-drinking at your hotel and focus on doing free activities like the beach, window shopping in the Gaslamp and wandering through Balboa Park.

5. Vegas. Depending on where you’re coming from, a trip to San Diego can be really affordable. Spending money on tickets to see big shows like Cirque de Soleil, paying too much to get into some of the nicer clubs and choosing a fancy hotel are all quick ways that college kids end up losing money in Vegas. However, with safety warnings issued for that area because of social and political unrest throughout the country, that’s certainly not the way to go for your 2009 Spring Break. Look around and see what’s out there in ski destinations that are cheap to get to near you.

The usual solution for college kids in this position has traditionally been to do a Mexican Spring Break trip. Not everyone thinks of Spring Break and thinks of the beach. Sometimes the college Spring Break isn’t really about where you go or what you do. People who like winter sports will find that there are some good deals on ski packages at various resort destinations throughout the United States because it is getting close to the end of the season. There are some great last minute hotel and flight package deals that make it a really affordable place to travel for Spring Break. So what do you do?

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here are seven Spring Break ideas that should be affordable:

7. Road trips. However, for those of-age groups that are able to be responsible with their spending on a trip, a Vegas Spring Break can actually be really affordable and a lot of fun. It’s not just the gambling tables that will get you either. It’s still really cold in some parts of the United States which means that it’s a great time to get in one last big ski vacation before the ski season comes to an end. Commit to going to the cheapest clubs, doing most of your drinking for free while playing penny slots and spending a lot of time just lounging by the pool of your hotel and you should find that this is a good Spring Break trip that’s still affordable.

1. Bahamas. Whatever you end up doing, be safe while you’re having your Spring Break fun!. This has always been a big Spring Break destination and this year is no exception. The adventure of cheap travel is where the fun is really at!

3. South Padre Island, Texas. You can get good deals on airline and hotel packages if you shop around, especially if you’re willing to stay somewhere off of The Strip. This is definitely a favorite place for broke college kids seeking to stay in America for their Spring Break this year.

Spring break is just about upon us and that usually means that college kids are packing their bags and heading off to party together on the beach. Traveling to this area tends to be easy for a lot of people in the United States because it’s kind of centralized down south. so you don’t have all of that political unrest to worry about. This one is also tough because it’s really not a good place to go if you’ve got people in your group who are under 21. Do some shopping around to find the cheapest places to stay and things to do, of course, but rest easy knowing that this is one of the most affordable Spring Break vacations available this year.

4. San Diego. Another place that people are heading instead of Mexico this year is Buenos Aires. This one is one that you should be careful with because it’s really easy to spend a whole lot more money than you planned on spending in Vegas. 6. Ski vacations. There’s a lot to see and do here and it’s not all that expensive. You’ll want to do a lot of shopping around to make sure that you’re getting a good deal but once you get that taken care of you’ll be able to just enjoy your Spring Break vacation on those beautiful beaches.

If you’re in the position of wanting to take a Spring Break trip with friends but not wanting to spend a lot of money then you still have some options. If you’re looking for an active vacation with a lot of guided tours for your group then this is probably one of the most affordable options out there. Pool your resources, hit the road and see where it takes you before you’ve got to come back to school. Getting away on a camping trip, playing tourist with your friends in your own hometown or getting a cheap ticket to Europe or Asia are all other options that you might look into for an affordable and fun 2009 Spring Break trip

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