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Parlay betting

Court says Delaware must pare back sports betting | Reuters

“Any effort by Delaware to allow wagering on athletic contests involving sports beyond the NFL would violate PASPA,” according to the opinion, written by Judge Thomas Hardiman.

“Delaware may, however, institute multi-game (parlay) betting on at least three NFL games, because such betting is consistent with the scheme to the extent it was conducted in 1976,” said the opinion.

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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit last week said that Delaware’s plan to allow point-spread bets on individual games in all major sports violated federal law. Jack Markell, et al, U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals, No. Monday’s opinion makes clear the state would still be able to offer parlay bets, which depend on the outcome of several matches, on National League Football games.

WILMINGTON, Delaware Delaware’s plans to allowing betting on sports was drastically pared back by a federal court on Monday, a day before the state was going to expand gambling as a way to balance its budget.

The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, also joined the complaint by the leagues.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed the betting law in May, saying at the time it would bring in $50 million and help close the state’s budget shortfall, which for fiscal 2010 has been estimated at $800 million.

The case is In re Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, et al v. professional leagues for baseball, basketball, football and hockey filed suit to block the state’s plan, arguing it violated federal law and that it might taint their sports with accusations of cheating.

By Tom Hals

| WILMINGTON, Delaware

The state had planned to offer sports betting from three racetrack casinos, and it expected to benefit from added tourism.

“While we are disappointed the decision does not provide the flexibility we had hoped for, Delaware is still the only state east of the Rocky Mountains that can offer a legal sports lottery on NFL football,” Markell said in a statement.

A 1992 federal law known as PASPA prohibits betting on sports, although that law grandfathered in Delaware, Oregon, Montana and Nevada and allowed them to offer such wagering if it was limited to plans the states had operated between 1976 and 1990.

Delaware offered parlay bets on NFL games for a few months in 1976. The court opinion agreed with the leagues that Delaware was generally limited to what it offered in 1976, when it allowed gamblers to bet on winners of several NFL games.

An order from the U.S. 09-3297.

UFC 114 Betting Odds, Prop Bets and Parlay Advice

Maybe also consider that he is +160 and +180 to finish the fight or win by decision as well.

- Dan Miller and Michael Bisping going to a decision. If you can grab this line in the +140 to +160 range get it fast because it’s already came down considerably on most books. Then at UFN 21 I had Roy Nelson and Gleason Tibau as locks on that card. The odds have already moved fast on this one. I’m talking about Dan Miller and Michael Bisping going to a decision. There is a link at the end of the article for those interesting in signing up for the best site to bet on UFC 114: Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans and ef=”/Mixed Mar tial Arts”>mixed martial arts in general. At WEC 38 I advised to bet on Aldo, Henderson and Gamburyan.

- A minimum bet on Mike Russow at +300 or higher at some books. At that price I feel there is a great chance it could go to a decision. Rashad Evans is no joke and if Rampage takes this fight lightly he could end up on the losing end. Both of these guys are relative newcomers to the UFC heavyweight division.

- Rampage Jackson to win inside the distance at +250.

I’m back here today to give some advice about the betting odds for UFC 114 which features Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Rashad Evans. There is good reason for that because both guys have some of the same skills. That is Mike Russow against Todd Duffee. I got in there when the gambling lines on this one were in the +160 range. I have eagerly been awaiting for some of the odds to come out for this card and there are some good prop bets in my opinion. This fight has pretty much been a pick’em in the books at Vegas.

There is another prop bet that I really like in terms of UFC 114 betting odds.

There are a couple straight up UFC 114 betting odds that I like and feel are worth a play or possibly being thrown into a parlay.

In terms of UFC 114 betting odds the fight everybody is talking about is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson going up against Rashad Evans. Those prop bets are both in the +200 to +300 range. He had decision losses to Koscheck and Fitch both top 5 welterweights and went 5 rounds against BJ Penn arguably the best lightweight in the world. I have been using 5dimes and putting together some good parlays for cheap due to the minimum $1 bets. I say that because in his career Diego Sanchez has only lost to BJ Penn, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson would likely be the favorite if not for the fact that he is coming off a long layoff having shot a movie. I feel he is a lock and will be making a considerable bet on this fight. I’m pretty confident that Todd Duffee will likely win this fight and there is a reason he is a -400 favorite. . I’m sorry but I think that Diego Sanchez is gonna run all over this kid. I feel that Diego Sanchez is nearly a lock against John Hathaway.

John Hathaway hasn’t beaten anybody of that caliber in his young career.

I have on final play here looking at the UFC 114 betting odds. – Diego Sanchez straight up anywhere in the -200 price range. In the -200 range this is a steal in my opinion and a great one to throw into some parlay plays. If you feel like putting money on this fight then check out the prop bets. The winner of that fight will get the next title shot against the new Light Heavyweight UFC Champion Shogun Rua. His best win to date was probably a decision win against Paul Taylor.

So in terms of gambling and parlay advice for UFC 114 here are my recommended plays.

If you guys want to check my older articles feel free but I advised to bet heavily on Shogun Rua at UFC 113. However Mike Russow is a very game opponent and worthy of a play in the +300 range. Then he has wins over Karo Parisyan, Nick Diaz, Kenny Florian, Clay Guida and Joe Stevenson. I would give the advice of putting money on Rashad to win by decision or Rampage to win inside the distance. Todd Duffee made a big splash with his super fast knockout of Tim Hague

How To Take Your Sports Betting To The Next Level Using Parlays

Don’t try to be a hero… This is due to the fact that sports betting is handled differently than other even money wagers. Never try to recoup losses by increasing the size of your bets.

7 or more occur 1 in 140 decisions.

Any system that doubles up following a loss can quickly lead to catastrophic losses following any brief string of losing bets.

Although in the “long run” the odds are a mathematical certainty, over the short term (the time which you are using the system) they cannot be counted on to perform this way.

5 or more occur 1 in 36 decisions. This acts to prevent either team from gaining an edge. The best results will come with a maximum two or three win Parlay approach.

The odds of choosing any even money wager correctly 5x’s in a row are 31 to 1. After one or two successful parlays I would then begin to increase my starting wager attempting another two win Parlay.

4. you’ll know better than that. This being the case, you would also realize that the chances of betting wrong 5 x’s in a row are also 31 to 1. It’s NOT ok to chase those wins by risking more of your own money.


5 Rules To Profit By

In addition to adjusting the payout, the sports book provides a “point spread.” The “point spread” works the same as the odds payout in leveling the money bet on each game.


Using the Parlay method it is best to combine it with a strong bet selection system. You should be aware that $110 to win $100 is a 10% commission whereas $60 to win $50 is a 20% fee. Wishing you the very best of luck always.

The sports books will always charge a “Vig” or commission on wagers. There are no sure things. Obviously, when given the choice you should always choose to pay the lesser amount.

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Knowing The Odds

Here’s how it would work. The profit potential of the Parlay takes advantage of any sequence of consecutive wins. Even though when betting sports there are only two teams and it should essentially be a toss up, we know it is not.

Sports Betting And The Parlay

The safest methods typically apply to “even money” wagers where the likelihood of winning two, three or more bets in a row are fairly commonplace.

When comparing all the gambling techniques ever invented there are few that are better than the Parlay. Initially, I would try for a two win Parlay using a minimum starting wager. A bet selection method that produces a 56% win rate will actually provide an overall profit by simply “flat betting.” So playing for double win Parlays would also show a sizable profit. There is an element of luck involved in every game of chance (good luck and bad) When you’re running good you want to ride it out to the end and make the most of it. Any betting situation that offers two comparably equal choices will produce the best results.

*(please use 3 bullets)

Applying the Parlay technique to sports betting requires a few minor alterations. Depending on the sports book they would either charge $110 to win $100 or $60 to win $50. Never double-up after a loss. Bet heaviest when you are winning using the “houses” money to increase your bets.

Best Practices

2. Do not let a winning streak give you a disregard for money. Have a definite money management system in place. Always lock up your profits when you have them or they could disappear just as quickly.

In using a three win Parlay your starting wager of $20 would produce a $160 win or 7 to 1 on your money.

Games such as casino Craps (even money wagers on the “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” line bets), Roulette (red/black, odd/even & high/low), Baccarat (player/bank wagers) and most sports betting are all well suited to Parlay wagering. Keep in mind that 44% would be losses.

Based on my 40+ years of gambling experience I find that the best approach when using the Parlay method is to not try for the long odds associated with attempting 4, 5 or more consecutive wins.

When using the Parlay method it is important to know the odds as they apply to your chances of winning or losing.

Let’s Break It Down

The term Parlay applies to pyramiding profits with a series of two, three (or sometimes more) consecutive wagers. To learn the bet selection method he uses for sports betting to achieve an 80% win rate click here: EasySportsInvesting and watch the Free video.

It’s perfectly ok to take on a little extra risk to try for a bigger win when betting back profits. Walk away from a losing streak but always ride out the winning ones. . Following any loss I would revert back to my starting wager and lock in any profit I had accumulated up to that point.

Always keep in mind, you’re gambling.

If I manage to increase my original bankroll by 30-50% I would then try for a three win parlay. When you are betting on the underdog you receive the odds while when betting on the favored team you will be paying the odds.

The only betting system that takes this into account are “up-as-you-win” systems. A successful double win Parlay will yield a profit of 3x’s the amount of your original bet.

8 or more occur 1 in 450+ decisions.

You may not have made as large a profit as you could have by taking on more risk, but this way your initial risk capital would be your only risk.

The Odds on any even money proposition’s consecutive wins or losses:

Sports books adjust their betting “line” to reflect an odds payout for the favored team or the underdog. Systems that only increase wagers following a win combine both excellent profit potential and protection from a serious loss.

The next time someone says that you can’t win betting on sports… Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Bet minimum amounts when losing.

1. Doing this could lead to catastrophic losses. With that said, it is crucial to avoid any betting system that recommends doubling up after a loss even though the odds would seem to favor you not being wrong 5 x’s in a row.

Ray Walkoczy is the author of with over 40+ years of professional gambling experience. In this way, a starting bet of $20 wins $80 after two back to back wins. You are paying them to book your bet