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How to Bet the Kentucky Derby: A Beginner’s Guide

That number shows what the odds are that the horse will win. If your horse comes in any of those positions, you’ll get money.

If you’re sure you’ve got the winner and you only want to place a simple bet for him to come in first, go ahead and bet your money that way. Horses with lower first number (10 and down) are considered top contenders.

Betting on a horse with good odds will not pay out much money if they win. The words “first, second, and third,” are replaced by “win, place, and show.” If you think your horse is pretty good but not going to come in first, you can bet that he will “place,” — that is, come in first or second. Saturday. If you’re in it for the thrill of victory alone (and not the money), he’s a good bet.

Betting on Your Picks: “I’ll take $2 to win on the four horse, please.”

In horse racing, you need to bet on what place the horse will come in. You’re trying to hit the sweet spot: a horse with okay odds who you think has a shot at winning.

The favorite going into this weekend is California Chrome, with 5-2 odds. Say, “I’ll bet $2 on (horse’s name or number) to win.”

If you’re done with the beginner stage of betting, you can up your odds of winning by doing more complicated bets that yield bigger payouts: exactas, trifectas, and superfectas. Here’s a quick guide:

Exacta: You pick the two horses you think will come in first and second, in that order.

Trifecta: Pick the three horses you think will come in first, second, and third – in the right order.

Superfecta: You guessed it. Give that a good look to see who’s done well recently.

Look for a horse that has won most of his races by a good length. For a superfecta you pick the top four finishers in the right order. He’s dominated all the races he’s run so far and all eyes will be on him. Each horse will have a record of recent races he’s run, what place he finished, and how far ahead of the other horses he was. The Kentucky Derby is one and a quarter miles long, longer than any race these horses have run before, so the winner will need stamina.

Odds and Favorites

When you look at a race form there will be a number in parentheses after each horse’s name. Good luck racing fans!. Therefore, betting on him won’t yield a big payout. Conversely, betting on a horse with bad odds will pay out a lot of money if they do win. Or you can bet that he will “show,” — that is, come in first, second, or third. It looks something like this: Vicar’s In Trouble (20-1).

Horses with a high first number (like 20-1 or 50-1) are considered unlikely to win the race.

Here’s our guide to making sense of the Run for the Roses. You can place your bet anytime up until about 20 minutes before the race goes off at 6:24 p.m. A horse that goes into the race with 50-1 odds but comes in first place will pay out the most money to the bettor. What’s a superfecta anyway, and how do you bet one?

Now it’s off to the races. If you’re not going to be in Louisville for the big day, you can head to your local racetrack or off-track betting outlet and place a bet there.

Picking a Horse

There are 20 horses in the field for the Kentucky Derby, though as of now only 19 will be running Saturday (#11 Hopportunity was “scratched.”) All the horses are 3-year-old male thoroughbreds, which means they’re young horses with lots of talent that is still developing and not a ton of experience.

Many casual bettors will pick a horse based on name or looks, but there are better ways to judge the odds for whether a horse has a shot at winning. Like it’s name implies, the superfecta pays out big bucks if you manage to get it right.

You’ve got your mint julep and your fancy hat ready for the Kentucky Derby, but are you ready to place your bet on the horse you think will win?

Like all sports, horse racing has its own language that can be confusing to casual watchers

How to Pick and Bet on a Kentucky Derby Winner

Although there are people more qualified to give Derby tips, like many financial commentators, I won’t let lack of expertise stop me.

Betting to show is a practice that I follow religiously. . (My mother was a sucker for horses with funny names.) I just follow the odds. If dad ever met the professors, he would have punched them in the nose. Betting to show fits with my overall philosophy about investing. I didn’t pick Sunday Silence because of my system. I go the track a few times a year and bet small amounts.

Dad liked the excitement of big odds and big payoffs.

It drove him absolutely crazy. I would bet $10 and win.

I picked the horse because of an alumni connection to a man I had never met.

It was written by two statistics professors and not the easiest book to read.

When your sitting back

In your rose pink Cadillac

Making bets on Kentucky Derby Day

– The Rolling Stones

He is the author of Son of a Son of a Gambler: Winners, Losers and What to Do When You When The Lottery.

My father, a professional gambler, absolutely HATED my betting system. He knew everything about the horse’s past performance, their breeding and who was riding them. He and I would go to Keeneland every session and we never picked the same horse.

I came to the conclusion that by living in Kentucky, I needed to know how to bet on horses. It was a stupid reason for picking a horse but produced one of my few winners.

I stuck to my system. That is better than any other kind of bet.

For whatever reason, my system has failed me at Kentucky Derbies.

I found a book called Racetrack Betting: The Professors’ Guide to Strategies by Peter Asch and Richard E.

The book bases the ability to pick horses on an economic theory known as the wisdom of crowds.

This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from…

Most of my equine knowledge was gleamed when I worked on the clean-up crew at the Kentucky Horse Park. His owner, Arthur Hancock III, had graduated from Vanderbilt and I had received a Masters Degree from Vandy the year before. The last one I remember winning was Sunday Silence in 1989.

The professors frown on exactas, daily doubles or any bet that exhibits large risk.

Like in the investment world, the winner at race track is the person with a conservative style and discipline. Just like the lottery, big odds draw a lot of excitement and attention.

Don McNay, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, CSSC is the founder of McNay Settlement Group in Richmond, Kentucky.

As the son of a professional gambler, people often ask me for betting advice. Quandi.

Although I started going to race tracks before I was able to walk, I don’t know much about the horse industry.

When I go to the track, I don’t look at the racing form, jockeys, past history or pick horses with funny names. I can sum up the advice in two statements.

The professors hate jackpots like the Pick-6.

The idea is that the marketplace will move with the crowd towards the best outcome. You can write to Don at or read his award winning, syndicated column at I stick to it today.

Thus the best advice may be to forget all the high powered systems and experts and give it your best guess.

Bet on the horse that everyone else is betting on. Slow and steady works in the financial markets and works at the track too. It is a driving force for web sites like Google.

If a horse moves from 10 to 1 to 2 to 1, it is probably a good horse to bet on.

Dad was superstitious and started to believe that my system was jinxing him. I can tell you what horses make the biggest mess.

Bet on the horse to show, not to win or place.

Just like the lottery, you don’t see many people winning them.

The professors said that betting to show will produce a winner 52% of the time. He would bet $100 on a horse and lose.

I usually win enough money to pay for lunch.

The wisdom of crowds concept is really popular now

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