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Characteristics Of A Sports Fan

There are fans who, when displeased over the ongoing or the eventual results of a game, let out groans of frustration, jeering or silence. Still others manifest their outrage and utter disappointment by throwing things unto the playing fields, or crying and screaming uncontrollably or destroying objects, which, when taken to certain extremes can disrupt other fans and lead to arguments and even brawls in some cases, causing mayhem in the sports arena.

Still some others who are labeled as fanatics can end up doing more harm than good to others over their attachment to their point of interest. Normally, a fan’s interest is powerful enough to alter their lifestyles and to accommodate their devotion to their subject of attention. This behavior is manifested in various ways. Social involvements over a common interest contribute to fans’ sense of belongingness. More often than not, these fan conventions and gatherings are attended by a huge number of sports aficionados over the world.

Sports fans also desire to involve themselves externally through constant social interaction with fellow fans. It is necessary, however, to be able to control emotions and manifest the fondness in ways that create positive effects upon oneself and others.

. For sports fans, enthusiasm is directed toward a particular team, sport or athlete. Regardless of the variations in their levels of interest, common characteristics are exhibited by sports enthusiasts.

It is normal for sports fans to want to acquire and possess material objects with respect to their interest, or to always be as near as possible to their subjects of affection. This explains why huge sports stadiums or arena are filled, sports tickets are always sold out and sports memorabilia largely sell despite their soaring prices.

On the flip side, fans can sometimes be excessive in their ways of demonstrating interest. Under that circumstance, fans are unaffected if friends or don’t experience as much pleasure from their sources of gratification.

There is certainly nothing wrong with demonstrating affection and liking over certain things, people or events, psychologists say. Psychological experts observe that the overwhelming liking by fanatics can degenerate into unruly violations of established social norms. According to studies, this behavior is often manifested by individuals who tend to either alienate themselves or want badly to belong to the world of their favored icon.

Sports fans tend to intently focus a considerable part of their resources and time on specific areas they consider with more significance than non-fans do. Most commonly, the enthusiasm of some people toward certain other people, things or events, brings them blissful emotions. During big sports events, sports bars are filled with fans who gather to actively cheer for the team or athlete they root for, and experience a great level of freedom.

Fandom is evident everywhere. It is for this reason that conventions are organized and related notices are posted on fan sites. Most notably, this is demonstrated in the increasing number of fan sites or websites dedicated to their target of fondness.

In the same manner, sports fans with relatively similar rooting watch sports events together in television or at home so that they are all involved in expressing pleasure and displeasure over the games to their heart’s content. Many cases have been reported about sports athletes being stalked, or of opposite teams’ enthusiasts being threatened. This is where fanatics are categorized

How To Get Football Autographs In The Post.

Just imagine the amount of requests they get everyday!

By: Suzlar

The best way to get your favourite footballers autograph is to ask for it in person, at least that way you can know for certain that it is authentic. You can do this by handwriting it as this will make it look more genuine and as if you have put a lot of effort in. Tags: Speak BolaDeer Blinds Online: Make Hunting A Fun Activity! By: GLF – Buying the deer blinds online is a simple process. You should try and keep the letter as short as possible so as not to bore the reader. The better the condition of the signed photo the more it is likely to be worth so this is a good step to take. However, this can be difficult if for example they live in a different country or if they dont make many public appearances. And when asking for an autograph make sure you do it in a polite manner.

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You should not take advantage of the kindness of the celebrity by asking for more than 3 autographs for your friends and family. They boast a vast collection of 100% genuine memorabilia so you are bound to find something of interest! Click here for more information!

About the Author:

To make it even easier for the player to send you their autograph then make sure that you send an appropriate self addressed stamped envelope. But choosing the right rifle is an essential step. This way the player doesnt have to worry about copying out your address or even paying for the postage. McGuire – Would you like to read the latest match reports considering FC Pune City!

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Reasons To Take Horse Riding Lessons By: Lawren Cooper – Horse riding lessons is one of the best ways to correct bad habits and communicate better with animals.Tags: horse riding lessonsBuying The Best Portable Hunting Blinds By: GLF – Buying good Portable hunting blinds will be important if you want to go hunting.Tags: portable hunting blindsAlternatives While Buying The Hunting Blinds For Sale By: GLF – If you love hunting, it is best to invest some money in buying hunting blinds for sale. But if you do need a little extra help starting or adding to your collection then why not have a look on Genuine Memorabilias website. Also, if you have taken the photo yourself it makes the request a bit more personal and likely to be greatly appreciated by the player. A famous player will be inundated with fan mail and requests for autographs so it is important to make sure that your request stands out. Remember the key is to make it as easy as possible for them to send the autograph!. However, if your handwriting is messy or illegible then dont worry, a typed out letter will be fine.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the celebrity to give you an autograph and you can do this by sending a photograph of them that you want signing. A short but polite letter about how much of a fan of their work you are or a comment about the effect theyve had on your life/career will be sufficient. The next best way to get your favourite players autograph is to write to them. It’s not hard to learn, and with practice you can become good at it quickly.

If you do decide to send a photograph to be signed then it might be an idea to place the photo between two stiff pieces of card to ensure that it travels safely in the post. One or two is fine but anymore than this and you are likely to receive none at all! The celebrity wont want to spend too much time reading your letter or signing all your 20 autographs so dont take advantage. Tags: golf push cart, push cartWhere To Receive The Latest Match Report From Pune City Fc? By: Katy M. The performance of the rifle is again to be evaluated by the experts at Paintbal Holbk.Tags: Paintbal Holbk, PaintbaDigiarty Provides A Different Approach To Watch 2016 Sports Matches By: cynthia – In order to make sports fans keep up with 2016 sports matches, Digiarty Software has developed a new way to watch sports videos including upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Euro 2016 matches.Tags: watch sports, download sports, rio 2016, euro 2016

If you follow these simple steps you should have no problem getting your favourite football players autograph. Rea … Tags: deer blinds onlineSmart Ways To Find Outdoors Gear For Your Needs By: GoodContent – ALL YOUR SPORTING GOODS YOU’LL EVER NEED IN ONE EASY STOPTags: SPORTS, JERSEYS, EQUIPMENT, OUTDOORS, RECREATIONTips That Will Help You Become A Better Golfer By: Peggy Hutchison –

If you like to play athletic games to bond with family or to relate to your co-workers, consider playing golf. Tags: hunting blinds for saleFootball – Reside Scores On Your Computer By: Kain Black – Nowgoal livescore sites provide match live scores, schedules, statistics, results and news to all the sports fans.

Our main features:

(1) fastest update, instant scores, comprehensive, … Keep it to the point as well. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get that much-wanted football autograph every time!

The best way to make your letter stand out is to make it personal

Guide to Gambling Online – free article courtesy of ArticleCity.com

Consider that there are more than a thousand sites online that feature gambling and casinos as the main selling service. With more and more people having less time there is a need for an alternative choice.

This article was posted on April 15, 2004

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Only after these points are considered can you play at the casino with the belief that every win will be fair and every loss a twist of fate! Consider sites that feature casino guides when making your decision e.g.

3. Gambling online is set to become the rage of the future. The Casino has an established help line.

5. When gambling at an online casino makes sure:

2. The payments are made immediately.

4. Out of these thousand only a couple of hundred will be legal and safe to play at. Sure gambling is a risk but its a risk taken after careful consideration of the odds. There is a valid phone number provided.

Like all choices the Internet takes precedence. Many site owners know how to reduce your odds of winning and ensure that the house always comes out on top. The casinos are based in the US. . http://www.top-ten-internet-gambling-online-casino-sites.com

Guide to Gambling Online

by: Sara Senta

http://www.top-ten-internet-gambling-online-casino-sites.com is one of the most comprehensive guides to casinos online. Known and recognized forms of payments are accepted.


This is where you need to learn how to raise the odds

How to manage your sports betting bankroll

Punters can learn from the most important principle in investing in the stock market: diversification. Theres no shame in walking away. With diversification, the player is then able to make wagers over the long-term.

Sports betting involves variance unpredictable swings in winnings and losses that can be dominated by short-term variables. If you go through a negative downswing, youll have plenty of cash left to continue playing comfortably, and to experience an inevitable positive streak.Dont chase losses. Thus, it is unwise to make huge wagers on a single race.. Dont be a moth attracted to flame.Remember that its a game of variance. If you lose, live to fight another day. However, skilled betting gives you the opportunity to make profits over the long run.

A bettor who mismanages his cash is likely to undergo financial hardship, stress, and life difficulties. There are ups and downs.

Here are some tips for managing your bankroll:

Never risk more than 2 or 3 percent of your bankroll on a single meeting. In horse racing, the vast majority of Thoroughbreds, even those considered favourites by tipsters, are statistical underdogs. For punters, the most crucial skill to have in the long-term is the ability to manage one’s bankroll, according to tipping site Inside Gambler.

By making appropriately small bets on any single game, a bettor diversifies his exposure and thus lessens risk.

Sports betting is estimated to be close to a $400 billion industry around the world. Thats because each runner faces a large field of seven to nearly two dozen competitors. You cant be a long-term punter if you run out of cash.

This strategy is even more crucial in sports that have multiple players or teams competing in a single event, according to Inside Gambler. By placing small bets, the gambler is able to withstand these short-term swings and losses. No single outcome can cause a dent on his balance, whether positive or negative

Betting Systems – Why Betting Exchanges Have Raised the Bar by Cliff Thurston

Odds are never manipulated to protect profit margin and the only cost for using the system is a low commission that is applied to net winnings. If one person believes that a particular horse will win a race; they will back that horse and offer a wager price. At that point, the bet is matched.

Most people would think that the bookmaker is the image of traditional betting, well maybe not. This represents extremely high liquidity across a huge range of markets, and many betting exchanges attract both very high-rollers and small-time punters as well, with small minimum bets available to cater for the latter.

First of all, as there are no bookmakers, there are no longer any hefty margins either. Betting exchanges offer people a method to directly place bets against each other, very much like nobility used to do during the earliest days of one-on-one thoroughbred racing, so maybe it is the exchange that is closer to tradition?

Players Control The Odds, Not The Bookmakers

The excitement of such a betting system is that two players can pit their wits against each other regarding their ability to do real-time analysis in predicting what they believe will be the outcome. Either way, one player or another is going to win and make money.

According to Betfair, during peak hours they’ve matched over 12,000 bets per minute. Such betting exchanges typically offer punters much higher odds than traditional bookmakers, and that’s why I always recommend comparing their odds against that of the high street bookie.

>From my own experience, I have found the arena of betting exchanges quite exciting and it’s very hard to beat the pure excitement of what Betfair calls an “in-play”. This means that even right into the middle of any event, two people can immediately place a bet regarding the outcome of that event.

Betting exchanges such as Betfair enable punters to place bets against each other in support of which horse they believe will win or lose a particular race. If someone else believes that the horse will lose the race, and they like the odds that are offered, they will lay it.

One of the most revolutionary changes that the advent of the internet has produced, is the introduction of new and sophisticated online betting systems, where the ‘traditional’ bookmaker is no longer king.

The new ‘breed’ of betting systems is called a betting exchange and the way that these exchanges operate, means that as a punter the odds are more stacked in our favour, which is of course no bad thing.

Whatever your thoughts or beliefs, exchanges have forced the bookmaker to look at its business model, and in time this will benefit one set of important individuals, the ones who provide the money, the punter.

Maybe the most unique and attractive aspect to betting exchanges is the fact that its the punters who get to choose the odds, not the bookie. With a betting exchange, a punter always wins, not a bookmaker. On betting exchanges such as Betfair, the players themselves are in complete control of the odds and the prices – not the bookmakers.

How Does This System Work?

Why The Punter Always Wins

As far as comparing it to the betting systems of yesteryear, it is about as far removed as you could get.

This approach to betting of course means that a punter always wins. This represents high-energy, fast moving action where the odds change by the second. . In-play betting allows players to use their own analysis to try to predict results of an event even after the event has begun. If the originally player who placed the bet likes your counter-offer – they accept and the bet is matched. This represents a significant marketplace that will see very large sums of money changing hands every day. Players can enjoy the flexibility of offering their own odds within a betting system that gives the punter almost complete control and the ability to dictate a certain event on their own terms.

In fact, Betfair and their betting exchange counterparts have presented the public with a new and innovative approach to placing bets, that of course removes the middleman; otherwise know as the bookmaker.

Which Came First?

Once this has been done, its then down to other interested punters to actually provide a counter-offer to these odds

A Denver sports writer got caught betting. Who gives?

Over half a century ago, sports writing and gambling were synonymous with one another. Mr. The writers are not affecting anyone but themselves from a financial standpoint. That doesnt mean they absolutely wont partake in it one day. Im sure Jim Armstrong had plenty of scenarios where he won or lost a bet on the Denver Broncos. I have to take a day off from reading any more indictments after pouring over that disturbing 25 page report. The business reporter should be able to deliver the facts on a company they cover. Armstrong worked at the Denver Post for 27 years and was dismissed from the paper.

I read the grand jury indictment of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sanduskys transgressions with minors from a charity he helped found. And I dont necessarily have a problem with it. The grand jury indictment revealed 23 high-profile Denver businessmen had engaged in betting for several years. This is about an individual involved and a person who reports and comments on the local teams he covered.

I learned a few years ago from an anonymous poll that over 40% of sports reporters bet on the games and sports they cover. Whether or not they invested in that company should not sway their ability to report the facts. I know this culture exists whether the betting is taking place amongst themselves in the newspaper buildings or through underground betting shops. Whatever the sports writer knows, the wise guys in Vegas probably know as well in most situations. Business reporters are not allowed to invest in the companies they write or speak about in television interviews. The fact is had Jim Armstrong bet in Las Vegas his name would have never found itself on the indictment. Some newspapers have policies enacted to prevent their writers from gambling, especially on the teams he or she covers on a daily basis. Armstrong happened to be someone who gambled like many sports fans.

You cant convince me writers privy with critical information are not tempted to put money down for or against the team based on the knowledge they have at their disposal. Information is key for investors and gamblers alike.

So are reporters crossing ethical lines using information they are privy to due to their time spent around a player, team, or sport? This does not even pertain to gambling sometimes. I plan on reading this indictment as well when I find the time. Thats as close to insider trading as you can get, excluding the pathetic efforts of match-fixing or bribery. Now gambling is viewed as a distraction on how a writer interprets the game. Writers like Armstrong also use such information to write a book on a teams season or a player biography. He was able to deliver a commentary on the game without bias for 27 years. The online sportsbooks that cater to the United States are still an option as well. That happens almost once a month practically from all the gambling news I check out. Some of the people involved had betting limits as high as $50,000. I, for one, believe the stock market and sports betting are parallel entities. When they write their book though, there is usually a line drawn as to how much a team or player will permit them to use.

A couple days ago, a Grand Jury indictment from Jefferson County in Denver cited a former Denver Post sports reporter and columnist named Jim Armstrong for frequenting a Colorado-based sports betting operation. He probably would have kept his job and still been betting without the Denver Posts knowledge. It just so happens he chose to bet in the wrong place.

. A person can say they dont bet. Cross that line and the writer could find themselves in hot water.

But what if betting on a game involves your own financial risk and does not affect anyone else in the process? The only hot water involves the financial risk you took out of your own wallet. This article isnt about the breaking up of an illegal sports betting probe

High School And College Romance

I hate Tyler Collins for making me remember what I’ve worked so hard to bury deep within me. It’s a pretty one without any flaws. And at the party, he does something that is just unacceptable in Izzy’s books. And remember every author loves comments! Make…

Do You Remember – Chapter Fifteen

“Don’t touch him!!” Something inside me stirred. (Enjoy it…)

She couldn’t fight a smile when she saw the cheerful face of Winnie the Pooh on the bag. She managed to embarrass herself in a high school party by announcing her crush on Luke Matthews. It seemed like they were throwing invisible daggers at each other. A feeling that I thought, I had long forgotten. Now there was no…

Against The Odds – Chapter 3

Dance Party in Izzy’s room! Read Chapter 7 of Complicated Love to find out more! We may see a little green jealousy monster come out of Cameron and of course, some disputes between him and Izzy. James and Emily will be the only ones being mentioned of their POV in this chapter. or a BIG glitch! Read Complicated Love to find out what happens between Chris and Izzy, trust me you won’t want to miss it!

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. The darkness was more comforting. What happens after you empty out your feelings in public? Worse yet, how…

Finally it’s the day that the musical audition results are posted! Find out if Izzy gets the part that she wants! Cam confronts Izzy and asks her why she’s been avoiding him like the plague! Find out what happens next in Chapter 20!

Fated ~ Chapter 31

Heartdrops – Chapter 9.5

Grayson and Cameron don’t seem too thrilled to find out that Izzy has befriended Chris, Izzy goes to Jen’s to help her get ready for her date with Gavin, and Izzy’s dad thinks up a great plan for the upcoming 4 day long weekend!…

Heartdrops – Chapter 16

Complicated Love – Chapter 17

Revenge is Best Served Cold… She loves her boyfriend Matt, and she hates arrogant people like Cassie (the school’s…

Can’t Resist – Chapter 1

Heartdrops – Chapter 19. Enjoy reading and please comment.

Caution: This chapter may be a little inappropriate. Do you think he deserves to be forgiven? Read Chapter 2 of ‘Complicated Love’ to find…

Against The Odds – Chapter 12

Revenge is Best Served Cold… (Sorry that it took so long, the ending was a killer for me! And it still came out awkward…)

I watched as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. It’s about a girl named Justice, she’s a bit of tomboy, sarcastic and has loads of siblings! I was inspired to start this story by another iBuzzle Author…

So Alvin finally revealed everything. Will things turn out as he had expected?

The pain felt as if the knife was screwing and ripping through my paper-thin skin.

Secrets are meant to be kept, right? Please comment with opinions! It would really mean a lot to me!

Quality time with the brother! (Picture is of Alyssa – remember, she’s one of Jeremy’s sisters- she’s not in the chapter but I figured I’d put her picture up anyway – as it is one of the few characters I have a picture for!)

“What?” Zack asked. He and Izzy have quite the argument that may lead to some tears. She loves her boyfriend Matt, and she hates arrogant people like Cassie (the school’s…

Heartdrops – Chapter 6

“I know this may be too much to ask, but… She loves her boyfriend Matt, and she hates arrogant people like Cassie (the school’s…

Fated ~ Chapter 18

The Cheating Game – Chapter 8

Heartdrops – Chapter 7

Hey, I didn’t get any comments on my last chapter so I don’t know if you guys liked it or not. Please comment!…

Athenas fingers flicked the switch and almost wished she hadnt. What have happened to him? How does Samantha feel not having him around?

Against The Odds – Chapter 4

You never know what you have until you lose it. His blue eyes snapped to mine. I’m still stuck in the past.

Keziah used to be a nerdy girl (still is by heart) that no one really paid attention to because of her plainness. Andrea’s wish just came true. Emily’s decision did break someone’s heart, but she felt proud to make it. And about the promise ring it wouldn’t upload so this is the promise ring.

Chances – Part 3

There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You – Chapter 1

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. I can be so weird, anyway here’s Chapter 3!! Please comment and vote on the poll! By the way, comment replies are at the bottom. Hope you like it! Please leave your suggestions and comments. Pic is of…

Heartdrops – Chapter 11

The Cheating Game – Chapter 5

Last Chances

Against The Odds – Chapter 5

Heartdrops – Chapter 17

Chances – Part 8

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Previously: Brookie and Jeremy almost kiss. 8 comments again! Enjoy.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. We’re actually having a conversation.”

So, I looked at the poll and no one voted that I should stop writing which made me happy! A lot of you preferred Nathan to Jake and I am taking that into account. I like you, okay, I like you more than I like other girls. Right? – Chapter 14

Complicated Love – Chapter 20

Annoying down to a point. Before she switched the lights on, she and Jake for that matter, could have said they didnt see who it was. Keziah shook her head. information from her past suddenly surfaces and a murder takes place in her little town.

You’ll see a little bit of Izzy’s jealous side today while she and her beau enjoy an afternoon of boating. Everything is blown out of proportions and seems way bigger than it actually is, given the nature of these years where the mind is still learning its ways around the ways of the world. This picture is of him… He always has to be right. This chapter is for you, hope you like it. On this particular Monday, you’ll discover Izzy’s best talent, meet her other friends and another member of the soccer team who chats up Izzy after school.

Hey guys! I am new to iBuzzle, this is a short story that I have started. pretty much your average girl-next-door. “This won’t happen again. Can they deal with the visitor or will things end up twisted? Find out how they handle these events by reading Chapter 18!!

Hope you had a very happy Christmas and a great time with your family. Right? – Chapter 1

Complicated Love – Chapter 18

Alice is just a regular senior. “You are in no position to preach about forgiveness.”

Fated ~ Chapter 15

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Do You Remember? – Chapter Two

My Complicated Love Triangle – Chapter 16

Against The Odds – Chapter 11

Complicated Love – Chapter 16

He looks around while I admire his face. I will continue this one. But here is chapter 2 of ’10 Things I…

Two Forever – Chapter 5

Against The Odds – Chapter 13

Izzy hangs out with Chris… But one girl catches his eye, is she the one for him?

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. Also read the author’s Note below by the author of ‘It’s Royally Complicated’.

Jake’s smile dropped momentarily before it appeared again in a sly smile. Another picture of Addy. “I think youve forgotten who I am…

Izzy finds out something absolutely horrifying and experiences a crazy bad panic attack! She’s trapped between what she really wants, and what she goes to therapy about. Right? – Chapter 2

“I dont know whats gonna happen today, but I know this has to happen if I ever want to put the past where it belongs.” Athena remained silent. Right? – Chapter 5

Do You Remember? – Chapter Three (Secrets)

Complicated Love – Chapter 3

Amelia Bryans is a 17-year-old senior and the last person in her group to be chosen for the betting game. Read to find out! Feedback would be very much appreciated.

What happened to Tanya and Jennifer’s friendship? Why does Tanya hate Jennifer so much? And more about Stella in this chapter. After years of teasing and flirting on Cameron’s behalf Izzy starts to actually feel something for Cam. What have happened to him? How does Samantha feel not having him around? Another…

Do You Remember? – Chapter Ten

Klara’s senior year takes a turn when a mystery boy comes from nowhere… Keziah noticed the little bumps on her arm and hair raising slightly. The next morning, Brookie gets a mysterious caller! (He’s revealed in this chapter!) Picture is of Brookie!

Heartdrops – Chapter 3

My name is Andrea Flores. And whoever stayed with me and was patient, congratulations. The night seems just about perfect, but there may be one little glitch… Read below and Enjoy!

“I cant be with him if he doesnt learn to forgive,” Athena said. Last chapter after this. I didn’t know what to say. Right? – Chapter 4

Revenge is Best Served Cold… She loves her boyfriend Matt, and she hates arrogant people like Cassie (the school’s…

Complicated Love – Chapter 12

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. pretty much your average girl-next-door. All Im asking for is one date,” he said.

The moment I was back up on my feet again, I felt his lips brush against my ear and I heard the 5 words that sent shivers down my spine

Alexis Rouges is a girl who is very different from everyone around her. What happens when she’s told to make Tyler Collins, the hottest guy in school fall in love with her? What happens when Tyler…

Heartdrops – Chapter 14

“I can see, you enjoyed that first composition,” Zack said. Not when it comes to water, no…

Do You Remember? – Prologue

Complicated Love – Chapter 8

Hey, y’all have finally caught up with me now! I am currently working on chapter 15, so the rest of the updates will be a little slow. I mean, it’s been 3 years already.

Jake laughed again. He looked at Athena as she entered their presence again. Enjoy!!

Complicated Love – Chapter 10

Two Forever – Chapter 4

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. Find out what happens next by reading Chapter 3!

10 Things I Hate About Him – Chapter 2

Sabine Miranda is on a verge of a total social disaster. No girl has ever stood up to him the way she did, and that threw him off. pretty much your average girl-next-door. At least 10…

The Betting Game – Chapter Fifteen

Test is finally over, but that isn’t an excuse for upsetting your stomach for my entertainment. Please comment!

Completely Lost Without You – Chapter 2

Alice is just a regular senior. The truth is that I have written about 15 chapters already, but I…

The Betting Game – Chapter Two

Alice is just a regular senior. Photo is of Addy.

The Illusion – Chapter 1

I’m so sorry guys that the first chapter was short but now I’ll make it longer!! This is a true story based on my life! Hope you guys enjoy! Thank you all for the comments! And comment please.

Willing to Trust Again – Prologue

Fated ~ Chapter 27

Love’s in the Air: Chapter 12 – Final

“…his first name is Pill and last name is Low?” Something happens in this chapter! Please comment!

Two Forever – Chapter 3

17-year-old David Rider wants a serious relationship but gets cheated every time. The kind that sees so oddly familiar but so strange at the same time.

Things between Andrea and Blake are heating up. He is everywhere I go! He flirts with me! He is selfish. Promise.”

Alice is just a regular senior. He makes fun of me. pretty much your average girl-next-door. “I don’t know. After a holiday with her mom, things are changing. Let me know what you think about this murder mystery following Klara Gritts during a summer, after the strange death of Irene Hernandez.

You never know what you have until you lose it. But will the wish last? Thank you all for reading my story! In the next chapter, I will answer everyone’s comments!! The picture below is a picture…

Scars And A Daisy – Chapter Eight

Ok, so I expected him to call me a crazy moron oh, wait hes already called me that. That’s HUGE! She’s not sure whether she can pull it off, especially when the ball is two weeks away and she still doesn’t know who she’s doing a duet with. New author – please be gentle.

Keziah has to sing at the JTC and STC ball and she’s not happy with the person they chose to do a duet with her. I’m writing more than ever before. But all these moments of happiness are well-peppered with their fair share of pain and tears. (Picture is of Tobias)

Izzy starts to get really frustrated with Cameron’s idiotic ways. He loves to prove me to be stupid (even though I’m not). “What’s that?” She asked, raising her eyes to Jake. We could dream and not be losers. I’m sure Cam can brighten up the trip one way or…

We could love and not be suckers. I just… Kelly caught it. I turned my attention fully back onto the road. I expected him to tell me that Tyler is going to be hurt and it would be my fault and I wont be able to live with it…

The Betting Game – Chapter One

Complicated Love – Chapter 19

Complicated Love – Chapter 6

The Betting Game – Chapter Twelve

In this chapter, you’ll read all about the night before the car ride and even the car ride itself! Find out if Izzy can control her emotions while confined in a car for 6 hours. After this we go back to living separate lives,” she said. This in-between chapter is in Toby’s POV. The emotions can kill me, you know.

Heartdrops – Chapter 10

Annoying down to a point. It was such a beautiful time. But he moved when they graduated middle school and hasn’t seen him since….

The Betting Game – Chapter Nine

This starts all the action, please comment. will you forgive me?” Who’s asking for forgiveness? Read to find out! Feedback will be very much appreciated.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. And I honestly didn’t write because I forgot my password and I didn’t think anyone would read it. Picture is of the triplets and Addy and maybe a clue to what’s going to happen in the future.

Heartdrops – Chapter 8.5

Amel reveals her feeling. Curious? Well, read…

Heartdrops – Chapter 15

Two Forever – Chapter 2

The Cheating Game – Chapter 7

Well, hey guys! Long time no type? I don’t know, but anyway I’m back. Athena bared her teeth and grabbed her left arm with her right hand. (Thanks for being so patient, and sorry for the month-long delay!)

The Betting Game – Chapter Eight

Cam and Izzy have a nice long talk and they seem to finally open up to each other! Izzy even pulls out the “What are we?” question! Read this chapter to find out what happens!

“Look, we’re not friends anymore, remember? Im your tutor for the next three weeks, and thats it. She’s sweet, beautiful (in her own way), smart, nice, friendly… She stuffed the phone in her pocket…

Do You Remember? – Chapter Twelve

Heartdrops – Chapter 8

The day after the party Cam attempts to apologize to Izzy, but she seems to be firm on her decision that she isn’t going to accept his apology as quickly as he hopes. He does not leave me alone. Please comment!

Alice is just a regular senior. He shot me a stupid grin. Waiting… Tobias’ text to Addy: “Can we meet up after school? There’s something I need to tell you.” What…

Scars And A Daisy – Chapter Seven

Hey guys, sorry for the wait! And guys, I promised that Merrick’s secret would be revealed but I didn’t want to rush this story. Was she starting to…

Complicated Love – Chapter 11

Heartdrops – Chapter 2

Chances – Part 6

The Cheating Game – Chapter 9

The hot girls are up to something again. The sudden exposure to the everyday realities seem much too overwhelming and the hormonal chaos we call love only adds to the pandemonium. Read Chapter 9 of Complicated Love to relive the night, but from…

Hotel shenanigans! The four of them get settled in the hotel, of course, Cam and Izzy fire up a dispute! It wouldn’t be a Complicated Love without their fights, haha! Read on to find out more from Chapter 11!

Cameron discovers that he’s got a real dilemma on his hands. You all proved me wrong. Untarnished by experience and seething with the passions of young blood, high school and college romances always make for interesting reads because of their constantly changing and tumultous natures and the incessant volley of challenges thrown in their paths. She’s sweet, beautiful (in her own way), smart, nice, friendly… She’s sweet, beautiful (in her own way), smart, nice, friendly… Read Chapter 16, to find out if Cam can help her.

Complicated Love – Chapter 13

If Only – Chapter Forty

The Illusion – Chapter 3

Heartdrops – Chapter 4

Keziah finds out that she has to sing for the STC and JTC ball. Hope you like the Chapter, feel free…

Against The Odds – Chapter 1

I hate him for it. I might be able to write ‘Human Beat’ too so keep an eye out, it’s great! New Character!! Secrets revealed. New author here. Writing something based on a true story. Meanwhile Russel has been out of the frame for weeks. Kinda short this time, sorry. I am still gathering ideas, so the next few chapter might be a little uneventful. *fingers crossed*

The Illusion – Preview

Chances – Part 5

Sorry I haven’t written in a while! Please 8 comments for next chapter!!

Blurb of my next story! From the author of Winning Hearts, Drown Me In Love, Fated Love, Together As One and Until You!

It’s audition day! Izzy is feeling jittery and nervous about her audition, but is instantly comforted by Jen and maybe even Cam! Izzy encounters a not-so-friendly classmate who she never really got along with… Will it turn out good or bad? Long time no pic.

Hey!! I haven’t been getting much feedback from everybody, and I thank those who are commenting! But I am beginning to think that I should just stop writing this story, and I really don’t want to do that! So, I am going to release…

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. Cam shows off his soft side, something he never outwardly shows to anyone. Even the hottest guy in school’s noticing her now. “You still dont trust me?” He asked while picking up a bucket of water. This is just weird. Theres something different about you, unique you know. I do know that it got 220 views but I still need some feedback! Here’s chapter two, 10 comments please!

Revenge is Best Served Cold… She has a dirty secret that no one knows, well except her best childhood friend Aden. (Thanks for being so patient, and sorry for the month-long delay!)

Fated ~ Chapter 17

Izzy Weaver could not understand why her twin brother’s best friend, Cameron Hart, was so hung up on her. There was more to this, so she waited.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Fated ~ Chapter 24

The Betting Game – Chapter Eleven

Hey! So, I got 3 comments on my last chapter which made me ridiculously happy. Well, if that’s it, then I’m not going to fight over it with her.

Do You Remember? – Chapter One

Heartdrops – Chapter 12

Poker Face

“Im sorry, Keziah, really. Kelly scoffed. It’s called ‘Do You Remember?’. Sorry.

Complicated Love – Chapter 7

Revenge is Best Served Cold… And thanks for the comments. Comment replies (Chapters 11-13) are below the chapter. She has a dirty secret that no one knows, well except her best childhood friend Aden. Jake smiled patiently. “What are you thinking?” She asked. That stands for both Tyler and Samantha. of course.

Complicated Love – Chapter 1

Two Forever – Chapter 1

He turned me toward him and wiped the blood off my nose and lips with his thumb. He loves to prove me to be stupid (even though I’m not). Enjoy.

An expected surprise is waiting for them when they arrive back home. “This is your Band-Aid,” he said.

Even though it was a little dark, I could see a blush creeping up her face. He makes fun of me. My parents don’t listen to me or really care about me. I’m also thinking of a twist for my other story ‘The Human Beat’ but I don’t know how to grasp you more. But will they let that come between their friendship? Leave comments!

He was speechless as he studied the girl he had known for more than half of his life. Meanwhile Russel has been out of the frame for weeks. She loves her boyfriend Matt, and she hates arrogant people like Cassie (the school’s…

Do You Remember? – Chapter Eleven

A new story I’m working on that I’m sure you all will LOVE just because I’m in love with my characters. Cliffhanger continued!

If Only – Chapter Thirty Nine

This story is about a girl who likes somebody but already has a boyfriend. They take another college tour and Izzy gets stuck in another sticky situation. On this page, read how authors of iBuzzle have explored the matters of the heart during the explosive years of high school and college.

“Only seven characters left and no one is innocent.” I got an idea for a book. Everything was possible because we didn’t know anything yet. He smiled a little. But, there is that one person – Blake.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. New picture of Addy.

Fated ~ Chapter 22

You Don’t Know My Feelings For You – Chapter 14

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. My life is hard at times, but no one really understands. She’s sweet, beautiful (in her own way), smart, nice, friendly… – Hilary Winston High school. That stands for both Tyler and Samantha. Read on to see if she can untangle herself!

Fated ~ Chapter 21

The Cheating Game – Chapter 4

Do You Remember? – Chapter Four (Cracks)

She smiles and walks up to me, and says ‘Happy Anniversary’. He gives me a…

“…I hit his chest like boxers would hit on punching bags.” Enjoy and please don’t forget to comment!!

Can’t Resist – Chapter 3

Heartdrops – Chapter 13

Revenge is Best Served Cold… But he moved when they graduated middle school and hasn’t seen him…

Keziah’s best friend, Eric comes home after a holiday in South Africa, but instead of bringing her a souvenir, he brings home the one person Keziah can’t stand – his cousin Zack. I just turned and walked away…

Sorry! I really did have a lot of homework and never found the time to write. Can I get at least 10 comments, so I feel good about finally satisfying people with my stories? This is Abigail.

Departure to Brownstone! They all prepare to head to Brownstone to do some college hunting. Please…

Hello readers, this is my promise to you. pretty much your average girl-next-door. Read on to unravel more of Complicated Love! :)

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Sorry for the long wait. The time to fall in love, the time for first kisses, first walks around the park hand in hand, quick glimpses of each other stolen in the corridors, the hours spent in anticipation, the belief that love can change the world, and lovers can survive it all. She’s sweet, beautiful (in her own way), smart, nice, friendly… I cleared my throat and looked to my friends for help…

The Betting Game – Chapter Three

10 Things I Hate About Him – Chapter 3

Heartdrops – Chapter 18

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. He does not leave me alone. He realized she wasn’t the…

I sighed and watched as the sun started to rise and couldn’t help but feel a small, sad smile make its way to my lips. He gives me a…

Heartdrops – Chapter 1

Heartdrops – Chapter 9

Cam’s Point Of View! He seems to have a lot more feelings for Izzy than everyone thinks. I made it short for more time on the next chapter.

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, how to act like the perfect boyfriend and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. It’s a long chapter, hope you enjoy! Picture is of Addy’s costume.

Complicated Love – Chapter 5

Chances – Part 11

I didn’t write so long because I felt like nobody was reading my story, but I will start another story and see if you like that better. (Just ’cause she’s wearing the clothes from the story)

The Betting Game – Chapter Six

Between flirting with the hottest guy in school, avoiding the other hottest guy, keeping up with her busy schedule and trying not to stress about singing at the JTC and STC ball, Keziah’s finding out more and more about herself and…

Complicated Love – Chapter 2

Complicated Love – Chapter 4

Alexis Rouges (Alex) is a girl who is very different from everyone around her. This is a pic of Dave. “No. He is everywhere I go! He flirts with me! He is selfish. She shook her head. Read more to find out what happens in Chapter 10! Don’t forget to leave some comments too!

Mondays, always the least anticipated day of the week. And somehow, this pandemonium makes for the perfect love story recipe. Comment replies are down below (Chapter 1 and 2). Photo is of Tobias.

The Betting Game – Chapter Ten

First full day in Brownstone! Read Chapter 13 to find out what happens! The four of them go on a tour, meet few new people, and visit a frat house! Tension continues to grow between Izzy and Cameron! All they ever seem to do is…

This time I looked between the two. Addy has to teach the guy she hates, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego.

Complicated Love – Chapter 15

There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You – Prologue

Against The Odds – Chapter 2

Addy has to teach the guy she hates, Tobias, how to act and treat girls properly while putting up with his narcissistic ego. His mind could barely form a sentence. He always has to be right. Right? – Chapter 3

Chances – Part 1

Time for a little dip in the hot tub! Read more of Complicated Love to find out exactly what happens while our favorite characters take a little dip! You really won’t want to miss it!

Heartdrops – Chapter 5

Complicated Love – Chapter 14

Complicated Love – Chapter 9

Hey guys. This is a pic of Jason.

10 Things I Hate About Him

The Cheating Game

A decision is made which ends as a big difference

N.Y. AG’s order deemed “crushing” for FanDuel, DraftKings

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On Tuesday, Schneiderman sent notices to DraftKings and FanDuel ordering the online companies to “cease and desist,” concluding that their contests are “neither harmless nor victimless.”

With recent accusations of insider trading and a bombardment of television ads that have won over millions of new players, investigators and legislators are changing the rulebook. Major League Baseball has an undisclosed stake in Boston-based DraftKings and the National Basketball Association has an undisclosed stake in FanDuel.

DraftKings and FanDuel have five days to respond to Tuesday’s ruling

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