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Craps Online

 by: Chen Ching-feng

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If craps betting is the only online strategy, it’s in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the different options and odds offered.

This article was posted on March 08, 2005

Craps is a game of dice and you are betting on which numbers the next roll of the dice will produce (or won’t produce). Try playing for free first at your favourite virtual casino.

Want to learn how to play Craps Online? You’ve seen it being played before, you have heard about it and now you want to get in on the excitement of online craps. If you succeed the bet will pay even money and you can make another bet. In its simplest form you (the shooter) will place a bet on the Pass line (or on the Don’t Pass Line) and try to roll a seven or an eleven.

If you looking for a game of craps online start by trying to find the rowdiest tables, at any casino the loudest tables are normally the ones reserved for craps games. You can find online craps at most reputable casinos.

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Played with a pair of dice, the only real strategy you can follow is to bet wisely, because this game of chance really only depends on the roll of the dice

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