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Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing

Each has a literature that confronts the essence of its lonely pursuit and explores the way the solitude and self-discipline these sports demand grow the spirit and fill the competitor. Fishing. The raw elements of the sport are our teacher: the wind and the water, the boat and its oars, our own bodies and minds.” Given those elements, it’s no surprise that the education is a profound one. The superficial journey here is over water; the real one is internal.

In this wise and thrilling book, Craig Lambert turns rowing–personal discipline, modern Olympic sport, grand collegiate tradition, and fitness pursuit for thousands of men and women–into a metaphor for a vigorous and satisfying life. The raw elements of the sport are our teachers: the wind and the water, the boat and its oars, our own bodies and minds.”–from Mind Over Water

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To view this book on, click here.. Golf, certainly. “Like Einstein,” he writes, “we wish to know God’s thoughts. We shall attempt to pry them loose with an oar. Filled with humor and imagination, Mind Over Water speaks to rowers and non-rowers alike. Lambert’s graceful reflection on rowing is a lovely addition to the genre, part memoir, part narrative, part celebration of a relatively arcane endeavor, and utterly provocative. –Jeff Silverman

“Like Einstein, we wish to know God’s thoughts. Long-distance running, of course.

Craig Lambert, a staff writer and editor at Harvard Magazine, has also written for Sports Illustrated and Town & Country. This is a book about balance, attaining consistency and speed, independence and cooperation, joy and creative powers. He trains and races in single sculls on the Charles River in Boston, and occasionally competes in major rowing events, such as the Head of the Charles Regatta. Review:

Some sports–the solitary ones, in particular–are simply more prone to mysticism and mystery than others. The surprise is how accessible and appealing it turns out to be. Climbing. We shall attempt to pry them loose with an oar. Skimming the plane where sky and water meet, rowers must fully inhabit the present moment, whether facing their demons in a single scull or discovering the paradoxes of teamwork and commitment in a crew shell

ISI Unveils Hooters-Themed Sports Betting Kiosks in Time for Super Bowl Sunday

(ISI) officials announced today their sports gaming kiosks (the iSports

Stand) are now on the gaming floor of Hooters Casino Hotel, offering

bettors a faster, more convenient method to place sports bets.

American Wagering, Inc. Hooters Casino Hotel is a collaborative effort between four

of the original six founding fathers of the Hooters Restaurant chain,

155 East Tropicana, LLC (the former owner and operator of the Hotel San

Remo), and a Hooters franchise group from Florida. (“AWIM”),

and AWI Gaming, Inc. is a privately owned company, which distributes self-service

wagering terminals (the iSports Stand) in association with American

Wagering, Inc.

Leroy’s owns and operates more than 60

race/sports book outlets in the state of Nevada, CBS is the dominant

supplier of sports wagering hardware/software to the Nevada gaming

industry, and AWIM is a Nevada Gaming Commission-licensed

manufacturer/distributor and supplier of race/sports self-service

wagering kiosks. The two orange iSports Stands, which display a photo of Michelle Nunes –

Miss Hooters International and a blackjack dealer at Hooters Casino

Hotel – are the first specially designed

kiosks in Las Vegas. (“Leroy’s”),

Computerized Bookmaking Systems, Inc. The hotel is conveniently located one block

from the famous Las Vegas Strip and across from the MGM Grand. AWIG is a recently formed subsidiary with the goal of

becoming a market leader in operating smaller hotel/casino properties.


“We believe once legal bettors experience the

additional features like receiving special offers from our advertisers,

checking weather during events, obtaining advice from a professional

sports handicapper, booking show tickets or making golf reservations,

they will prefer the kiosks,” he said.



“Hooters is a unique, world-famous brand with

a very loyal following,” said Bill Stearns,

president of ISI. It’s

very simple to place bets, and the kiosk can be open practically 24


Home base to Miss Hooters International 2006, Michelle Nunes, and

recipient of AAA’s 2007 Three Diamond Award,

the world’s first Hooters Casino Hotel

features 696 Hooterized Florida-casual rooms and suites fully equipped

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. In addition to self-service sports wagering, the iSports

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Acting as a stand-alone sports book, the iSports Stand provides the same

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first time companies and products outside of the casino can reach guests

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ISI, LTD. (“CBS”),

AWI Manufacturing, Inc. maintains subsidiary

companies in the Caribbean Islands (ISI Caribbean & Maritime) as well as

the United Kingdom (ISI, UK). For more information, please visit

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leroy’s Race and Sports Book and ISI, Ltd. is a publicly traded company that primarily

operates through wholly owned subsidiaries including Leroy’s

Horse & Sports Place, Inc. While

guests can expect to see the more than 200 world-famous Hooters Girls

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Super Bowl Sunday.

Stearns compares the machines to using the ATM at a bank instead of

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ISI co-developed the iSports Stand with AWI Manufacturing, Inc. Also unique is the ability for

local and national businesses to advertise on the kiosk’s

video screen, side panels and through on-screen banner ads. “We designed the kiosks to

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Sports News, Commentary and Analysis

Let’s not be bamboozled by discussions of fairness in sports.

Lead Baseball & Football Columnist/Editor for RotoBaller. Imagine he fixes that and darts out of the gate straight as an arrow ahead of everyone. . This is what this is about. leave it to the experts.

Nicholas Mariano

Our society is still afraid of women who run too fast, who speak too loud, who are too good, who can be president. A 2-0 win for United meant that both teams ended the day in 6th position.

Bioethicist and Programme Director, MA in Bioethics & Society, King’s College London

Ph.D candidate in Theology/Religion, with a focus on Eco-Theology and Comparative Theology, at Union Theological Seminary in the city of New York.


What exactly is the substance of the spirit of our faith? Why do we cling to something as irrational as faith in the face of the rational, visceral reality of so much suffering, corruption, and violence?

You’ve been waiting all summer for this. Your fantasy football draft has been circled on your calendar ever since the commissioner set the date. . FantasyPros Expert.

Both DC United and the Portland Timbers came into the game fighting for the final playoff spots in their respective conferences. It makes no sense to ignore the willpower and brilliance of our women athletes.

The commercials are too frequent, the events are not live, NBC doesn’t have a clue . So how do you win your draft? I’m glad you asked.

The stance that the University of Missouri football team took last year in support of their fellow students who were protesting over racial issues on campus is an example of the kind of leverage and power that athletes can have.

For the second time in less-than six months, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor will face former The Ultimate Fighter winner Nate Diaz at welterweight.

Chris Fici

Silvia Camporesi

Now imagine Bolt irons out his well documented issues on the starting block. Imagine he doesn’t have to play catch up for the first two seconds of the race.

Let’s cut to the chase: Pelé’s country is now Marta’s country