What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum

This method is most beneficial for those women who have a regular menstrual cycle and those who keep a track of when they are most fertile. And one such question that constantly lingers in their minds is, what are the chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum. In this, during the intercourse, the man has to pull the penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates. Hence, the withdrawal method cannot be considered as an effective birth control method. It is not a foolproof method and primarily depends upon the male’s ability or will power to withdraw as soon as he is about to ejaculate. It is alkaline in nature and neutralizes the remaining acidic urine in the urethra, thereby making it safe for the sperms to pass through it.. This can greatly reduce the possibility of the presence of sperms in the pre-ejaculate.

? Also termed as pre-seminal fluid, this fluid is produced by the bulbourethral gland in order to clear the path for the sperm released during ejaculation.

Chances of Conceiving with Pre-cum

? This fluid travels down the urethra (the male genital duct) and gets ejected at the tip of the penis. But, before we answer this, let us first know what exactly is pre-cum.

Pre-cum or Pre-ejaculate

? Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is basically a fluid secreted by the male body during sexual intercourse or at the time when the man is sexually aroused.

? Another way to avoid pregnancy is through the withdrawal method. To conclude, the best way to reduce the odds of getting pregnant from pre-cum is to use condoms or birth control pills. Hence, most women of reproductive ages or those who are trying to conceive have many doubts or questions regarding their chances of getting pregnant. This is because most men in the height of passion are unable to withdraw and end up ejaculating in the female’s vagina.

? Especially, during an unprotected sexual intercourse, pre-cum can allow the sperm to enter the vagina and possibly fertilize the egg, even before the man tries to pull out before ejaculating.

? Studies reveal that this fluid released by the penis, prior to ejaculation, contains not many but a few spermatozoa (sperm cell) that can enter the vagina (the female reproductive tract) in the presence of cervical mucus.

? Since a sperm can live and remain motile for 3 – 4 days on the penis’s tip or urethra, the best way to avoid having sperms in the pre-cum, due a previous ejaculation, is by having the male urinate after experiencing an orgasm and before entering the vagina. However, in case you may not be using these birth control options, then another useful way to avoid pregnancy is trying the combination of withdrawal and rhythm method. The rhythm method is nothing but avoiding sex when the woman is most fertile. Well, hoping that the information given in this article has helped in clearing your doubts or queries related to the odds of conceiving from pre-ejaculate.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.

? Studies also say that pre-ejaculate in itself doesn’t contain sperms, but it can pick them up from the urethra (left behind from a previous ejaculation) and carry it along to a woman’s vagina, which can result in pregnancy.

? It also helps in the smooth passage of sperms by lubricating the urethra. But, can this fluid make a woman pregnant? Let us find out in the following sections.

? There are very slim or mild chances of conceiving but still one cannot ignore the fact that there are one out of ten chances of getting pregnant with pre-cum.

The prospect of getting pregnant can be a matter of great anticipation and joy for some women while for others it can be a cause of worry

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